Wherever people move, there will be need of effective communication system.JNT provides the system that helps to stop entry of unwanted or identify visitors , service request, emergency call SOS. It provides 2-way communication between intercom point and the master answering station. We have unique IP and wired Audio , Audio-Video solutions for critical intercom, door phone, public address, wayfinding evacuation, situational announcement and mass notification. In today market where safe city and smart cities are more important and crucial, we can provide unique solution to meet future needs such as sound pick-up that helps to monitor and detect gunshots. In public safety and security audio , video , integrations and big data should work hand in hand with police, civil defense, fire brigades and emergency services . We propose and deliver our solutions to meet your project criteria with deep understanding of interoperability needs with different sub-systems Integrated Communication Systems became a MUST in all sizes of projects from a single door entry to a most complex system at country level.


Application :

  1. Safe City & Smart City
  2. City Park
  3. Open Public Area with Help points and SOS Emergency Call
  4. Sports Arena